New World Order, I’m The Old World Order – I, Lalita Promise to Destroy All Evil. October 2016 **WARNING**: You killed/used one of My Daughter for ritual sacrifice and are Hounding the other Daughter with your evilness / evil possession/technologies. Realise Demons that the Whole Universe is TARGETING you and your kind & everything is Recorded Forever– and what WE WILL DO to you. You have Nowhere to Run or Hide; the Whole Earth will Crumble to Dust and Burn to Ashes/be Deleted, but YOU will be Tortured Forever – I, Lalita Promise!


THIS IS A WARNING for the so-called gods/demons/aliens/ upper level masons shiv, krishna, brahma, indra and William Defoe and their female counterparts for example laxami, durga, sarasvarti, indrani are All bunch of DEMONS (demons are basically those that have gone against/are enemies of the Prime Creator – Lalita MahaKali Rajarajeshvari) who use a multitude of …

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