TIME – Not New Year (List of world new year dates below – which 1 is yours?)

So you think its the New Year? Would you like it to be the New Year?  Sorry Cant Do That ! As I look back over my existence, now I realise that a lot has changed for me That time on earth is and can be manipulated / changed by those who use it to …

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New World Order, I’m The Old World Order – I, Lalita Promise to Destroy All Evil. October 2016 **WARNING**: You killed/used one of My Daughter for ritual sacrifice and are Hounding the other Daughter with your evilness / evil possession/technologies. Realise Demons that the Whole Universe is TARGETING you and your kind & everything is Recorded Forever– and what WE WILL DO to you. You have Nowhere to Run or Hide; the Whole Earth will Crumble to Dust and Burn to Ashes/be Deleted, but YOU will be Tortured Forever – I, Lalita Promise!