In Loving Memory of My Daughter Devika


The world is not what you think it is but is being totally orchestrated via evil beings who keep the evil matrix working according to their thinking of what they call a normal life for the masses/slaves. What you are being taught and what you experiencing are lies being cooked up 24 hours by them watchers. Human beings and animals are trapped not knowing which thoughts and actions are theirs and which are fabricated/made up – you are being manipulated by technology, drugs, magic. The worse thing is that no one is allowed to talk about these evil beings without being held under the threat of punishment by the watchers and their so called law and order systems. The law and order systems are basically for the elites/demons to generate fear, in prison and maintain a state of not knowing what is happening in this world where they are the masters and the masses are their slaves to do whatever they want with and barely anyone can do anything back to them. All knowledge and technology was given only to be used wisely for good and yes, this has gone on for too long, however the world and beings in it have a expiry date which is coming to an end with the Creator deleting all creation. The sign is when the Throne of the Goddess Planet Nibiru comes and takes Her home (the Goddess who has also been somehow tricked and is here in human form and had been used and abused like the masses/slaves in this world) and all will cease to exist/will end forever. However the elites/demons are making plans as usual so that they dont get caught and made accountable for their evil crimes upon all and trying to hide their experiments/cloning of creatures via war games and methods of depopulation. These Evil beings have been non stop experimenting on all creatures trying to learn how to live longer and thinking that they could become a god by replacing the real Creator – ‘you are what you are and you cannot be something you are not – you have committed evil hence your title is ‘Demon’. Evil Patriarchy has divided and conquered all aspects of a being and the being’s way of life which The Goddess Creator Matriarchy with her only female Devis created life animals then humans to live in harmony with eachother had given paradise on earth eating only plants and fruits  (Always total veganism and definately NO creature sacrifices or rituals) and the patriarchical evil ones turned this paradise in to their personal business and eat all creatures/started vampirism thinking that it would give them longevity. All aliens in this world are mere genetically modified engineered forms of mixed creatures and technology that patriarchical evil beings terrorise others with.

Throughout history:   Magic manipulation of nature is learned & practiced by the so called elites/demons so they could keep this evil matrix operating to date.

There is no true freedom of will although their is still some choice to go along with normalized atrocity and/or obvious/conscious harm to others. But will is tampered with via wi fi, remote or micro chip technology sending words and thoughts in/too/through the head/body or making beings do things physically also via drugs (chemicals in consumer products e.g.s food/cosmetics/meds/dyes/fabrics and poisons in the air/water/land), magic and manipulation via different levels of consciousness /so called sleep/dreams, use of different frequencies in sounds and lighting.

– ritual sacrifice by demons / illuminati

– demon possession 

– micro chipping / mind controlling / experiment testing on all    creatures

– shape shifting beings

Cloning:   They are not gods or your creator as they claim they can not really create original beings but only by using genetic engineering they can manipulate dna in the blood/skin/bone/hair/nails to clone and make bodies and body parts, speed up the growth of etc- that is why the populations keep increasing and pregnancy/birth is a method of that. It’s one of the earlier forms of genetic manipulation as there were not multiple sexes before, the original bodies were desecrated and changed to allow mass ability to procreate – a process that some of the manufacturers sorely regretted and why quite a few are worried about populations growing out of control. Original beings were and can be thought of as/called female partially because they look feminine as we know it but without reproductive organs – the higher ones ‘devis’ had the ability to create and as creation is a feminine trait original beings are known as feminine which is in line with the original art/language of this planet. But as it is now much of the population do not have original ‘souls’, many are intelligent clone technology and walk-ins/possessed by the previously and usually formless of which there are many on this Earth. ‘Formless’ in that we cannot physically see them or usually sense them – those are abilities that have also been removed. It’s also why the phrase ‘everybody has a double’ e.g. dopplegangers, has actually increased to more than two of each person. People can easily be replaced and those around them who were/not yet involved would be hard pressed to guess that it’s a different person or to acknowledge/confront them about it if there are noticeable differences such as in behaviour or physical signs. One day you know them, the next you don’t but mostly it can take a long time for the realization to dawn let alone sink in, particularly since people deny what they don’t want to think/acknowledge could/would/has happened. Imagine a person changing into someone you don’t recognize and yet you’ve never known them to have a twin but its like they suddenly do. Imagine being able to tell apart identical twins but not actually able to accuse them of subterfuge or have anybody else believe it. Depending on whether there is damage the old body can be used with a walk-in/possessor or the body can be copied. In some cases the replacement changes both mentally and physically and in a relatively short period of time but such changes are accepted by those around as ‘growing’/acceptable change akin to a Blonde children turning Brown quickly or skin turning lighter/darker etc – physical change is easier for the evil beings to achieve/think they get away with in children or after severe accidents. It is however harder to re-use the old body as it has memories so the younger the better for them to prevent conflict with the walk-in/possessor – think phantom limb syndrome. Or amnesia of course is an easy option and also a main reason why beings don’t generally remember previous lives after going through the trauma of growth in another’s body and birth. Remember the body reacts to pregnancy as if it were an invading force, it rejects, tries to expel hence all the early symptoms which are the same as trying to purge an illness/sickness – pregnancy is an unnatural process – but if/once the body is forced to accept it, it has no choice but to feed and maintain the parasite (which is exactly what the unborn is regardless of the hosts feelings) but as it is a delicate process the host and unborn are constantly at risk. This process helps with disassociation, compartmentalization and multiple or reduced personality i.e. closing away former personality and forming a new or extended one in the ‘new life’.

Gang stalking:   Evil watchers organising all aspects of ones life via trapping putting one through their evil matrix of a so called life and then destroying damaging the body e.g. known as death and reincarnation which is automatic as the body is badly destroyed/paralysed the soul is recycled or enters another body as it is not really dead. Life and Death is controlled by the Creator only and on no account was any creation allowed to be tampered with in any way. However the evil beings here just destroy /paralyse the body via shock/trauma, or microchipping/magic/degeneration and make all believe that the person is dead (I call this Murder/Gross Bodily Harm). Both the body and the soul have a time limit hence it returns in a new body – this can be done via magic sending the soul to a designated body be it animal, mineral, vegetable. They can be put into already aged bodies, making women pregnant or possessing the fetus in an already pregnant female.

The Truman Show is an example of an individual’s life bought, sold and controlled with many others involved in the lie: evil matrix of organised crime and crime organisations / divide and conquer / master and slave trade of all creatures beings on different planets and dimensions…

This article is written in order to highlight some of the criminal activities which has been going on to date by evil beings who will not escape their evil deeds and will be held accountable punished by the one and only Creator Lalita MahaKali who also notes in this article due to the loss of a Loved Daughter who was ritually sacrificed as a child by these Evil Beings. Lalita Mahakali will create this Loving Daughter again when she is sitting on her Throne soon.

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