Goddess Herstory And The Last Battle

This is the Last Battle – where The Goddess/Prime Creator takes back Her Creation/Her Beautiful Body both Form and Formless!

All Creations were Sacred to Her – were created to live in harmony, side by side with each other. There was never separation from The Only Creator Mother God and there was NO Food Chain – ONLY FOODS EATEN WERE: FRUITS AND NUTS and NOT Each Other!

Goddess is Superior to All and DOES NOT Have or Need a partner, She is Herself Creator Destroyer Preserver of All.

I Love: Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari MahaKali RajaRajeshvari Vishwarupa Namaha.

I personally don’t feel that Goddess (The Prime Creator Preserver Destroyer) of All had ever taken or is likely to take on a male form- why would She need to take on a created male form when She Herself is All That Is?  I feel that she had created the males e.g. krishna, shiv, indra, brahma (the same 4 called by different names throughout the aeons/time) for good reasons but along with some of the Divine Mother’s female deities they All became Evil, full of Greed and Envy and hated the Mother’s creations and Creative Power; they wanted to replace the Mother God, hence they are All known as the Fallen Ones/Demons! These Demons USE/USED all kinds of MIND CONTROL/ HYPNOTISM/ DREAM MANIPULATION/ DISASSOCIATION TRICKERY, technology/ science/ alchemy, twisted symbols/ math/language (creations could all understand/communicate with each other before without the need of translators), false light/sound, memory loss, soul trapping, the separation of humans through land/currency/physical differences/false pride like patriotism, the consuming of flesh, ritual sacrifice (why would Source want her Creation sacrificed in her name and apparently as a gift, Creation cannot give Source anything and committing more sin cannot be offered as an appeasement) and slavery. They’ve called hedonism and nihilism the tolerant way of living and the relishing of that to be ‘empowerment’, ‘freedom’ and ‘maturity’. They’ve glamorised the non-ethical and valueless, separating ‘reality’ and ‘ideals’, mocking ideals as unrealistic as if they are daydreams that might be nice but immature and naive. Being actors in ‘everyday life’ such as actors on stage or screen who prostitute themselves, but calling such an attitude ‘adult’ and sophisticated’ but those who play make believe out of ‘choice’ or preference are really those who are immature and deny that they are being pimped whilst demeaning all those being raped and abused. Adults who play make believe are trying to escape, change who they are or have multiple personality disorders much like the celebrities they try to emulate, who have made deception an art form. From one extreme to another it’s been made so that the manipulation of creative force through rape and slavery isn’t necessary everywhere anymore as a tiny minority and a lot of advertising can make the same outcome where ‘people’ are giving and overly sexualising themselves ‘voluntarily’, the perpetrators and perverts sit back and enjoy. Brain washing and the illusion of choice isn’t really free will, creations don’t realise that there is no such thing as complete free will, complete freedom or choice because ‘you’ will always be impinging on someone/thing else’s, but success and attaining ‘individuality’ in this reality is measured by how many backs you can walk on or trample. True freedom and choice belong to the Prime Creator; Creation belongs to the Prime Creator. Creation had choice, choice not to be evil, to exist in peace, just because creations did not have complete freedom or complete choice didn’t mean they couldn’t live harmoniously, everything was provided, grace and paradise but with the ‘Fall’, the false need for ‘eating’ and ‘survival’ and the contamination of the living environment which accompanied the fall of society, choice was made to be between a rock and a hard place. Imprisoned and manipulated and made to pay for the ‘privilege’ and jailors.

Desecrating the sacred and putting their faces in all forms of ‘authority’ yet they still desire to appear like the sacred themselves, they both want and loathe true beauty because they are not and cannot be it which is why the human female and the prepubescent boy form (which is their ’substitute’, their mockery and intentionally placed as ‘superior’ just as homosexuality particularly between males is and was seen as superior but as ‘breeding’ was necessary to also have a female but to place her as part of the property/assets) is lusted after and objectified throughout life forms, alien or ‘native’. Bestiality with women and girls is shown as normal and entertaining throughout history and current culture. Vampires, werewolves and other various parasitic forms have been glamorised and romanticised. Apparently as long as something is ‘sexy’ and ‘fun’ it is ok and something to aspire to. Animals that have been tampered with to become predators are the ones that ‘people’ favour the most and relate to. This twisted psychosis of loving and wanting to be like the parasites that feed off of ‘you’ is a trap of dependency and lost power, idealising the profane, putting it on a pedestal like women who love psychopaths in the hope to reform them or recapture the ‘romantic’ lies with which they were initially trapped. Hope, Love, Forgiveness and Forgetting/Confusion have been used as tools of deception to pretend it’s ok to love and forgive evil, that it will transform them, that it will make the victims better, that ascension is possible through absolution. Basically letting them get away with it is the way to healing and a higher consciousness. No. There are plenty of ‘ascended’ and ‘higher’ beings meaning they are higher dimensionally, the alien manipulators included and as humans were before, but being ‘higher’ doesn’t make beings better. Going through the levels of physicality, ascending through those doesn’t make beings better, there are more ‘abilities’ and clarity available or accessible but it doesn’t make beings good or worth saving. Just like the word ‘great’ is applicable to good, evil and not good enough. Judgement is not based on ability/talent. Creations lost the basics and even with the information of Source still available and all around though covered in the dirt of lies, creations couldn’t get the basics right, if ‘you’ can’t get the basics – ethics/goodness – then what’s the point? Being clever, powerful or entertaining is worthless without goodness. The impure can call themselves wiser, with more light and love, or stronger and skilful but who cares but themselves and those who are desperate. Source encompasses them all, they are and are perpetuating the disease, they are nothing but the thorn in the side of the Prime Creator, less than that, this reality and space is a mere speck in all space but Source can feel everything, like humans feel a pin prick on their skin. The perpetrators and victims who have become victimisers, like everything else, came from and ultimately will go back to the Source but they wanted to be the Source, trying to enslave, manipulate and use All as their own personal fount. They’ve used all these techniques and more on All and Made HER Beautiful Work Ugly, changed all into Evilness, Genetically Engineered/Breeding/Raping/Tampered Mind Controlled /Created Diseases /Poisoned the Air, Food, Water, ‘medicine’/Weather and Earth processes modification and made belief systems to be misused as dogmas such as Religion, Hierarchy, Science and Institutions/Establishments fundamental to false society where they are the ones in ‘power’ and ‘authority’, planning between themselves and Others in order to maintain Chaos and Control.

There should never have been a first victim. The first victim meant a change that could not be undone, no amount of ‘healing’ can undo that, no amount of ‘forgiveness’ will erase it from the victim’s soul/essence/memory therefore it will always be on record and will not alleviate Source’s memory. The unforgiveable has been committed, there is no going ‘back’ or ‘forward’ to ‘better’ things, once evil was thought of let alone carried out, it was too late. Repenting on the deathbed doesn’t help. Creation by its very existence is parasitic on Source but it’s gone beyond too far and many don’t realise that it all goes back to Source, this contamination of nature could only be hidden for so long, but for the first victim and every victim thereafter it was too long, every moment, ‘every second of every day’ there is pain, suffering, torment, hurt and tears and no amount of ‘let’s change the world’ attitude will make up for that. Everything goes back to Source, Source no longer wants Creation and Creation like this was never wanted, the complete un-manifestation is the ultimate reward for goodness and the ultimate punishment for evil. Those who desire longevity/continuance, immortality even through means other than themselves like through children, achievement, transhumanism are merely lying to themselves and fear truth. Those seeking immortality or trying to seek/learn how to do this are trying to ‘play god’, it is not for any being to try and learn/do. All is Source and All is Void. Creation has had too many chances, just because those existing consciously now feel they haven’t had enough time or want to do more, doesn’t make that want/belief true or valid.

Atrocity has been normalised and peddled as ‘natural’ or ‘healthy’, creations have become gluttonous, greedy and sinister parasites and victims have also become victimisers. Karma has been vastly slowed down through the filters placed all around. There was never separation from The Only Creator Mother God and there was NO Food Chain – THE ONLY FOODS THAT WERE EATEN AND MEANT FOR EATING WERE: FRUITS AND NUTS and NOT Each Other! There was no need to eat at all but fruits and nuts could be eaten if wanted. Even in this current unclean and difficult society of the Fallen with their fallen bodies, it is still possible to live off fruit and nuts only and for the ‘advanced’ (or closer to the original state) in cleaner environments it is possible to be breatharian/inedian, solar eaters – those who live off pranic energy – or liquidarian. Creations should have aspired and attained those conditions since the Fall, but laziness, inconsideration, disbelief and greed have prevailed. Creations were not supposed to consume each other for food, clothing, cosmetics, household products, medicine, manufacturing etc, they are not supposed to groom each other for perversion and breed and use each other. The Goddess did not Separate Any Beings Animals (Animals are a Superior creation to Humans and were created before humans [first female, then androgyny, last male] or aliens), animals were not beneath humans, humans were not beneath aliens and women were not beneath men. This patriarchy system wanted All to Think that This state is Evolution/ Freedom/Advancement. But in Reality it is a Prison/Slave Trade of the Demons who like inflicting Perverted Abuse on ALL as a means of Their Enjoyment/Pleasure/Food Source-Vampirism /Trade! They thought that No One would FIND OUT and that they were able to Fool ALL, and they did not want to think or acknowledge that they really Do Not Own Anything but are Mere Thieves/Liars/Con artists and That All Belongs to the Goddess.  She gave All the Beautiful Gifts of Her Creation / The Gift of Life (which cannot be manufactured by others) – so that all would Enjoy and Appreciate Her Work and Give Thanks to Her. However, the so-called Patriarchy-Aliens/the Fallen Ones Do Definitely Appreciate all the Beautiful Gifts Exclusively For Their Use Only –And wanted ALL to BE Slaves and Likes ALL to think that They were and are the Creator Masters of ALL! There was never any need for hierarchy or leaders let alone masters in original Creation. These traitors have tricked the rest of Creation and they even tricked ALL, pretending they were the celestial one GODDESS/Prime Creator, demoting HER to consort/slave whilst replacing her with treacherous females and trying to erasing awareness of her existence, they were usurping and taking advantage of her trusting, good nature. They wanted HER to forget HERSELF and be grateful and subservient to them. Hence we Are Now in this CRIMINAL EVIL NEGETIVE MESS of Their Evil Ways! All Beings Must Realise that They Own Nothing But had a Free Will to do Right and have a Contract with The Prime Creator to Honour Her and Not Abuse Her as They ALL Are Doing.

The Patriarchy had given All the Traits of Greed, Lust, Sex, Wars- wanton Violence and playing on All Beings Emotions and Feelings i.e. making some feel inferior to others/Disharmony-Dysfunctional amongst class, peers, race, species, restriction/abuse and competition within families = All these Traits Ensures Disorder and Enslavement. Do ‘you’ like it or do ‘you’ ignore it?

In the beginning there was Paradise -Sacredness in the way that one Lived, Worked, Played and Communicated with All – Now WTF? Look around, question the bigger picture what do you see, who, when, how and why? Creations should have been grateful they were created in paradise to enjoy the life given to them and appreciate the Abundance, Beauty and each moment they breathed. Now and for a long time, since vampirism took over, creations could be sympathised with for thinking life is a curse, a burden and looking at their ‘parents’ in askance as to why they were born, that they had no choice but to exist in this trap. Conversely, with the predominance of vampires, many of them relish their ‘chance(s)’ to inflict and take as much as possible, many without even thinking.

All the information is available even in the encoded Books re-written in vulgar lying manipulated ways because they don’t want ‘you’ to know the Truth because ‘Knowledge is Power’ and they don’t want to teach you or want you to learn but it is there and once you know you wonder how you could have not known before! Even with all these factors of interference, creations didn’t have to be this way. In their Literature, Patriarchy likes to pretend that the Goddess has a male partner/spouse and that that she likes flesh sacrifices. However, in depth research shows that the Goddess is NOT married /She is Single, She did not need the masculine to create and is not an ‘aspect’ of the divine. The masculine came afterwards, and even with all the tampering of bodies and blood, male creations can and do revert back to female and females can and do create on their own. The masculine is a mutation, and soon after become an abomination, of the feminine. Females did not need males to create and it was a choice, not an accident or through force. Females did not have pregnancy and birth like they do now, that is all tampering to incorporate the masculine. However, many females are simply imposters now; they are masculine dressed as feminine, just as fallen.

The expression ‘As above, so below’ has given rise to the belief that the opposite is also true, but it is not. The horror that has happened to Creation has indeed also happened to the Creator as All Creation is a part of the Creator but just because Creation came from the divine doesn’t mean it is divine. ‘Below’ is not as ‘Above’, no one came here to suffer, nothing should have been born to suffer, to feel pain and torture as part of the ‘experience’ or ‘soul’s journey’ or ‘mission for salvation/healing’. There are no archetypes like people choosing to be rape victims of those who chose to be rapists. That is not natural and not good. Aliens, Elite/Demons have spread these lies, saying it is a process of learning and going through different levels e.g. through reincarnation or dimensions (the commonly used ones being 3D, 4D and 5D). That is just their way of recycling the energy, trapping and re-using it, making it go through the same awful things whilst wiping the memory so they can use Hope or Denial as tools on the currently ‘living’ beings to tell them this is part of their experience and it will get better, without them remembering that actually it hasn’t changed and it’s the ‘same shit, different day’. It’s a tool to encourage acceptance of evil. It is a complete disrespect for the Goddess’ Holy LAWS, ‘uni’-versal ethics, where they themselves have VIOLATED ALL THE PRINCIPLES OF HER CREATION. They’ve tampered with the very essence of ALL’s thought pattern with mind control, technology, media; putting thoughts, ideas and moods into creature’s heads in different states of consciousness, hypnotised/brain washed all as to how to live/work/’relax’ for the common goal, but to whose goal/purpose and benefit? The ‘it’s all part of the experience and was chosen’ party line is connected to lies about personal sovereignty and being ‘co-creators’, it’s just an excuse to try to validate this existence and make it more palatable. The end does not justify the means. ‘Co-creating’ or being in charge of your own existence and actions/thoughts has been taken too far by enlightenment peddlers, far beyond taking responsibility, duties, obligations and social cohesion. It has been taken beyond honouring the divine from which Creation comes. It has been made to mean ‘I exist, therefore I am [a] god’. Those ‘enlightened’ ‘masters’ and ‘teachers’ peddling this are only feeding the base mentality they have developed through their contamination of Creation; the mentality of greed and the lust to be powerful in comparison to something else be it through possessions, abilities, influence or ‘enlightenment’. Following that ethos still makes ‘you’ a follower if only of ‘your’ deluded ‘self’/’ego’. The contamination has spread, ‘people are people’ regardless of where come from or what they look like, they cannot govern themselves when they now think and act like their victimisers. It is part of the warped mind to think that Creation is or is also ‘God’/Prime Creator, Creation is the created not the Creator. A mistake that aided this vanity was having made the human female in a likeness of Source which made others jealous and envious, an inch was given and miles were taken. Creation has had too much time and forgiveness and it was and is still evil. One drop of evil undoes much goodness, evil has quicker and longer effects, years of goodness can be undone or severely impacted by one act of evil, it takes much more goodness than evil to counter let alone rectify (not that the damage can be undone) and in the meanwhile evil continues. This existence is an endless cycle of evil, when the first act of evil was done, the first victim made; full justice/retribution cannot be implemented whilst Creation is still in existence as there will always be cries to be avenged, those who have been hurt will have complaint and the memory is always there, the wound never full heals. The goodness there is, is not worth saving at the cost of forgiving or changing evil; existence is not worth keeping when there is even one victim. Goodness and evil do not balance each other, evil is not necessary to appreciate goodness or to learn. Without evil there is peace and safety. Existence was not ‘a classroom’; it was a haven, a blessing, a paradise which has been destroyed.

The Evil Ones plan and create Problems, they manipulate the Reactions and then they give the Solutions (stated by David Icke /Jordan Maxwell). This is a way of keeping creations thinking that the orchestrators are the good ones helping when in fact they contrived the cunning plan in the first place and place blame elsewhere. They can lie to ‘your’ face when ‘you’ both know they are lying and call ‘you’ a liar.

As I suffer My Heart Breaks watching the suffering of Dearest Earth and hearing that there is similar parasitical contamination on other planets by the same Evil Beings. Why have all these creatures being exploring space when they had perfection at home, not because there was a lack of information, not for friendship, but to multiply, spread and conquer. To invade, take over, use, and increase their ‘power’ – their lies to their slaves have become so vast that many don’t even know their own home worlds, don’t even know that everything they need is right there; they are blinded in their quest and faith in the artificial.

I don’t think the Goddess likes any form(s) of evil-evil beings that have thought one bad thought, have said one bad word, have and are committing even one crime against Her and the punishment is complete cessation of existence; enter the Void.

By Mahadevi Lalita